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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Update on Copa Del Rey El Classico!

Gambar hiasan

Perlawanan akan disiarkan secara langsung di Astro CH 811 pukul 4.55 pagi nie. Jadi, sediakan kopi jantan banyak2 deh!

Hala Madrid!! Hala Harimau Malaya!!


MUFC fan said...

real 1-2 barca..real Madrid players show very bad attitude on the pitch ,no sportsmanship spirit at all..disgraceful

Son Goku said...

mane artikel mick dhuan..mick dhuan plz

Aish said...

To MUFC fan

Agreed. But, to say 'bad attitude' is an overstatement. Real started the game with ONE objective last night. They want to play on counter. By the way Mourinho put Lass and Pepe as midfielders said it all. Pepe is what you call a disgrace. I, as a Madridista do feel ashamed on his behavior last night. Theatrical, indeed but to step on Messi's hand on purpose was utterly stupid. So was the head slap given by Coentrao. All and all, Real were beaten.Let's hope for a better Real Madrid emerge in the second leg!

Hala Madrid!

Aish said...

To : Son Goku

Mick Dhuan makan gaji buta. Mentang2 ada henset baru

Son Goku said...

ade hp baru ke, bisnes maju ke..haha

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