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Sunday, 27 November 2011

6 points ahead baby!!

Hahaha..apa lagi alasan yang nak diberikan oleh peminat Barca? The fact of the matter is, your team has been screwed by a team who's regarded as far more inferior than you. Thank you Valero. Thank you Sarabia. You just made my day.

Oo yea, just to rub more salt to Barca's wound, Sarabia is a Real Madrid player. How sweet is that? Not only to play well against a team that is regarded as the best in the world, but also to  help your side to beat their rival. That is so priceless.  So sekarang, mana peminat Barca yang selama ini duk mencanang-canangkan kehebatan tiki taka mereka? 6 points and counting...


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